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Virtual Organizing

Circumstances have forced so many of us to spend more time at home than we usually do. Have you become acutely aware of the projects that have been on the back burner? Or, maybe it's obvious that certain spaces are just not working for you and your family now that everyone is home?


If you are yearning for clarity and sanity,  I can help you clarify your needs, simplify your space and enjoy your home more.

I’ll be your partner every step of the way and will offer direction, insight and lots of support as we bring order to your space. Virtual organizing is simple, effective and customized to your needs.




How it Works

Given our virtual reality, the most effective use of our

time is to work in 30-45 minute sessions.

After our free telephone consultation,

we will determine how many sessions are needed and the

best way to connect.

You’ll receive the same insightful clarity virtually as you would

during an in-home consult.

I first listen to what you wish for your space and then:

- Assess and prioritize

- Develop an individualized action plan

- Sort and discard 

- Organize and build systems 

My virtual hourly, reduced rate, is $40. 

If you don’t know where to start, let’s talk about it.

"I wasn't quite sure how it would be to work remotely with Cathy, but, we were able to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. I can't wait to have my virtual check-in with her to discuss the system we created and the next project to tackle."

- Susan

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