Home Office Space- Form Follows Function

When creating a home office space make sure you create a space that is going to work for you.

Start with the concept "forms follows function" (coined by the late architect Louis H. Sullivan). Essentially, "The way something looks should be determined by its purpose".

Ask yourself, what do you need from your office space - privacy?, a large or small desk?, place for paper files?, ergonomics - standing desk/chair? - calendar on the wall?, natural light? Make a list of all the things that are necessary for you to be successful and will make you feel good about being in that space day after day.

Then, assess what the reality is of your situation at home. If you need privacy, but don't have a door, how do you create it? Can you hang a curtain, put up a portable screen (like the ones used for creating an instant changing room) and what do you actually have to work with? Try to use items that you already have at home, but if necessary, it can be worth investing in a few items to make your home office space functional as well as looking and feeling nice.

If you create your home office space with the leading principle of purpose the rest will fall into place.

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