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With a clear plan you
can simplify and
enjoy the rewards
of being organized. 

You’ve been wanting to work on a project for forever - maybe you dream of systems and spaces that better serve your family, or you wish you had time to tackle a closet, or you are waiting for the day when you can finally bring order to your home office. You’ve tried doing it on your own and perhaps, you’ve even enlisted family members to help you out. But, your space never stays organized. You yearn for real, long-term results. 


I help you figure out where to start. 


And once we start, systems begin to fall into place. If that sounds simple, it’s because it is. I take the burden of your “forever project” and break it into to smaller, concrete steps that are truly doable. 


Real results that flow into the rest of your home.  


This is what it means to be simply organized.


I’d love to hear more about your “forever projects.” 


Get in touch for a free consultation.

What People Say

“My office was in need of a complete overhaul. I had a sense of what I needed, but I wasn’t sure how to get there. Cathy helped me identify what works for me, and created a space that feels great and is functional.”


"Cathy was so helpful at sorting through the clutter of my mind. I think of myself as organized, but I really needed her help to get a sense of where to start in my home with what would help give me a sense of peace and relaxation."


“I loved working with Cathy. She worked with me, side-by-side, week after week, to get my entire house in order. Together we purged, organized, cleaned and created systems that we have been able to maintain. Months later, I can still hear Cathy’s voice in my head as I put things back in the places they were meant to be!”


Meet Cathy

I love to take chaos and make it orderly and get joy out of simplifying, organizing and creating space.

And, I do it well.

It comes easily for me, but I know it doesn’t for others. 

I combine my 25 years in the non-profit world of project management and services, with my natural organizing skills, in order to help others create environments that are efficient, calm and useful. 


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